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About the Project

March 18, 2014

The Project:

This project is the culmination of an 8-week long reporting process and collaborative effort of a diverse group of transdisciplinary students working to breakdown the boundaries of traditional print journalism practices to experiment with new media possibilities of interactivity within the field of scientific and environmental reporting.

Through presenting information about NKU’s recycling initiatives in an interactive way, the new media team at The Northerner hopes to make the material presented more interesting, simpler to understand, more effortless to consume and overall easier to access.

The reporting team for this project consisted of reporter Kevin Schultz, photographer Kody Kahle and videographer Rob Huelsman. Publication efforts were led by designer Mo Asad and web editor James Lloyd. More information about the team can be found below.

The Team:

 Name: Kevin Schultz
 Project Position: Reporter and Editor
 Year and Major at NKU: Senior in journalism and English
 Current Position at The Northerner: Editor-in-Chief

 Name: Mo Asad
 Project Position: Designer and Design Editor
 Year and Major at NKU: Junior in visual communication design
 Current Position at The Northerner: Design Editor

 Name: Robert Huelsman
 Project Position: Videographer and Video Editor
 Year and Major at NKU: Senior in electronic media & broadcasting
 Current Position at The Northerner: Video Editor and Videographer

 Name: James Lloyd
 Project Position: Web Developer and Editor
 Year and Major at NKU: Senior in computer science
 Current Position at The Northerner: Web Team Specialist

 Name: Kody Kahle
 Project Position: Photographer and Photography Editor
 Year and Major at NKU: Junior in computer information technology
 Current Position at The Northerner: Web Editor and Photographer




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