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What you missed at SGA: Laundry initiative and Student Experience Task Force

February 1, 2023

The Student Government Association approved two new members and an initiative for on-campus laundry, as well as introduced a new ad hoc committee at this week’s meeting.

Theater major with a minor in communication Ragan Savage and communication studies major Ryan Price were accepted into the Student Senate as a slate with no opposition and no abstention.

Afterwards, Senator Olivia Onodu presented an initiative that requests a text message system alerting Northern Kentucky University housing residents on their laundry status should be reinstated. At the residential open forum held Nov. 29, 2022, University Housing Director Scott Patton said that a text message system had been created to inform residents if their laundry was finished in the washer and dryer, but the system is currently not in use. What caused the system to be discontinued is unknown.

The initiative calls for this system to be reinstalled as a way to keep the laundry rooms in Boothe and East Residential Villages organized, Onodu said. It might operate in a similar manner to the Norse Alert system that sends text messages to users who sign up for it. SGA passed the initiative with a unanimous vote, though the resolution will not be acted upon until the student government has hit quorum.

For this week’s Boots to the Ground question, SGA would ask the campus community the following: What are your biggest frustrations at NKU? What is a frustration that people have that keeps coming up?

Vice President Isaiah Phillips reported in absentia that last week he met with the International Student Union (ISU) to establish a connection between them and SGA by sending liaisons for both student committees to each other’s meetings. SGA will also meet with the African Student Union for the same procedure this week.

President Daniel Myers announced at the meeting that the Student Experience Task Force, which surveys and identifies ways to increase undergraduate enrollment at NKU, would become an ad hoc SGA committee. It would consist of a media team, interviewing team, secondary research team, survey team and presentation creation team. Myers asked senators for involvement in the task force, as they would present their findings at the Board of Regents meeting on March 15.

An ISU representative spoke briefly at the meeting about a mentorship opportunity that provides information and engagement for freshman and sophomore international students.

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