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What you missed at SGA: Valhalla part of student government

January 24, 2023

This week’s Student Government Association meeting saw the confirmation of The Valhalla student section as a part of SGA and the appointment of new members.

Secretary of Public Relations Gracie Copfer and President Daniel Myers announced The Valhalla, the official student section of NKU athletics, as an ad hoc committee of the student government. This means that Valhalla is now a part of SGA, but those outside of SGA can serve on Valhalla’s committee to plan themes for sporting events and coordinate activities with other student organizations. Copfer is excited that this will mark the beginning of a new culture at NKU.

Justice Brayden Young presented the Judiciary Council’s ruling on the different processes that amendments can be proposed to the SGA constitution. In the Student Senate Process, the traditional method of amending the constitution, the proposal becomes accepted for ratification with a supermajority or ⅔ vote from the Student Senate. In the Student Process, any NKU student can propose an amendment to the SGA constitution, which must receive signatures from at least 3% of the student population to be accepted for ratification. In the Board of Regents Process, the board may propose amendments to the constitution at any time when they deem it necessary.

Following Young’s presentation was a brief address from Melony Stambaugh, Student Conduct, Rights & Advocacy coordinator, who asked SGA members to chair a session of University Conduct Board hearing. The Conduct Board comprises faculty, staff and students with the goal of evaluating information when Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities violations occur. Hearings take place about once a month, and students participate in online training and a test before serving on the panel.

Vice President Isaiah Phillips is communicating with the International Student Union and African Student Union to have their liaisons present at SGA meetings in order to establish direct lines and communication and fulfill the needs of different student groups. He is also looking to discuss commuter meal plan costs and the seemingly increasing food prices at the Student Union food court.

SGA is additionally partnering with Residence Hall Association (RHA) to send liaisons to the organizations’ respective meetings in the hope of directing the conversation surrounding housing issues, Myers said.

Lastly, the meeting saw the approval of biological sciences major Dylan Mull into the Student Senate and law major Calli Antle into the Judiciary Council. Senator Tyana Rasberry was confirmed as Chair of the Student Advocacy Committee with no opposition and no abstention.

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