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Housing & AASI team up to bring communities together with ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ screening

November 9, 2022

The Office of University Housing and the African American Student Initiatives (AASI) are coming together to bring their members a private screening of the anticipated ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ this Friday, Nov. 11 in a reserved auditorium at the Regal Cinema in Wilder.  

Norse Hall Residence Life Coordinator Emma Ligier took the reins of this event as housing’s representative and is excited about the department’s drive to “revamp and reboot a lot of things, including student involvement.” 

“You can say community all day long but do people really feel as though they are a part of the community?” Ligier questioned.  

The coordinator commented on housing’s plan to host more inclusive events and partner with more people on campus to get others besides the department involved in the residential curriculum. 

“[There is] no better way than to find a common interest and a common ground and maybe start a conversation about culture and foster that between the students,” she said. “The ‘what did this movie mean to you,’ ‘do you feel represented,’ ‘how do you feel about that representation’ is what we really want students to gain from this event.” 

With the first movie gaining a remarkable amount of popularity for its cultural impact, anticipation for the sequel is through the roof. Greg Moore, director of AASI, commented on the Wakanda Forever movie choice and what intentionality looks like with experiences like these.  

“When we heard that Wakanda Forever was coming, it was more so, ‘we need to hop on this ASAP’,” Moore said. “There is an opportunity on top of another opportunity with the cross-collaboration that gives us a chance to foster unity and to understand difference but also understanding there’s a lot of similarities within us as well.” 

Considering the growing need for more integrative social events, the buzz in these communities has circulated throughout the university, and many students like junior Jiya Dansby have expressed their excitement over the event.  

“I literally can’t wait to be there with my friends,” Dansby said. “For so many people, that free ticket is a chance to do something fun and learn something from the movie too.”

The occasion holds different meanings for different students, and its effect on the way students feel engaged within the campus has made it stand out significantly. AASI Americorps Vista (Volunteer in Service to America) Talitha Edwards expressed why events like this one are so important to her and the black community on NKU’s campus.  

“Understanding the history of black people and recreation in America and how we were seen as lazy has changed my perspective, so the fact that we are able to experience recreation and joy in an educational setting is in itself a revolutionary act,” Edwards said. 

Sophomore Trinity Meridy, who has lived on campus for the past two years of her college career, expressed her pride in housing’s decision to partner with a community she’s been invested in.  

 “I’m glad they’re both [housing & AASI] stepping their game up. What they’re doing now is showing they’re going to get better in the long run,” Meridy said. 

As students prepare to head to the cinemas in the next few days, Residence Life Coordinator Ligier emphasized a greater need that will be promoted through the rousing event.  

“The check-in table is going to have information about [housing’s] foundation account, and we are encouraging a minimum donation of 5 dollars if [students] are able to,” Liegier said. “It is where we pull funds for students in crisis, and it is very important to us right now and we are trying to bolster that up so we can help more students.” 

The movie will be showing this Friday, Nov. 11 at 8 p.m. Tickets will be available for those who signed up at the Norse Commons desk. Seating will begin at 7:30 p.m. Transportation will not be provided. 

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