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What you missed at SGA: Oct. 25

October 26, 2021

Monday’s SGA meeting started with NKU’s pumped-up men’s basketball coach Darrin Horn briefly talking about the upcoming basketball season.

Horn was notably excited about the upcoming season as he spoke quickly and loudly about how much it means to him to see students in the stands.

“We don’t want to just be good, we want to be great, and the number one way that we can do that that impacts winning for us is our home crowd. The number one thing that impacts our home crowd? Students,” Horn said.

A new justice and senator were appointed during the meeting — Justice Fawwaaz Abdulazeez and Senator Dasia Wright — who are both freshmen political science majors.

Chief Justice Christopher Prince swore in the two new members. 

Once the new members were seated, SGA members went around the room introducing themselves to one another as their membership increases throughout the organization.

President Aliya Cannon led a group activity about leadership and presented about what leadership means to her.

“A leader is a change agent, someone who is constantly serving and trying to better their community, organization, whatever they are involved in,” Cannon said.

Cannon recalled something she had heard just this past weekend that stuck out to her about leadership.

“You’re not able to be a leader until you have poured into and helped develop another leader,” Cannon recalled. “Real leaders pull other people up with them and they lift as they climb.”

Cannon said that leadership can grow when your surroundings are full of those who want to lead, too.

“I’ve always been taught that you are a product of the environment that you’re in, you’re a product of the circle that you’re around … Try to keep like-minded people around and try to give yourself explicit knowledge,” Cannon said.

Student Advocacy Chairwoman Karla Arango then refreshed everyone on how to properly construct a resolution.

The meeting then concluded with normal business, where Secretary of Administration Hanson Nguyen and Chairwoman Arango hosted an LGBTQIA+ Townhall shortly after the meeting.

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