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Who voted for, against SGA President Lauren Goodwin’s impeachment

February 8, 2021

Editor’s Note: Some photos in the story have been updated. 

At Monday’s SGA meeting, members voted to impeach President Lauren Goodwin on grounds of her violating SGA’s constitution

The motion failed as the vote needs a supermajority—14 votes—to pass.

Here’s how the members voted on her impeachment:

Members who voted for Goodwin’s impeachment (11):

Jude Ampfer                                                      

Senator Jude Ampfer (SGA Twitter)

Karla Arango

Karla Arango taking a selfie.
Senator Karla Arango (Twitter)

Kaitlin Minniefield

Kaitlin Minniefield sits on a chair in front of an NKU sign. She's wearing a white shirt with black dress pants. Her hands are crossed on her lap.
Senator Kaitlin Minniefield. (Billy Keeney)

Aliya Cannon

Aliya Cannon wearing a blue pants suit.
Senator Aliya Cannon. (Facebook)

Mohamed Omar: unable to find a verified social media account.

El Goebel

Senator El Goebel (SGA Twitter)

Ronald Delgado

Ronald Delgado wearing a suit and smiling at the camera outside.
Chairman, Students Rights and Advocacy Committee Ronald Delgado (SGA Website)

Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller wearing a white blouse smiling at the camera.
Chairwoman, Academic Excellence Committee Hannah Miller (SGA Website)

Hanson Nguyen

Hanson Nguyen wearing a dress shirt looking at the camera.
Chairman, University Improvements Committee Hanson Nguyen (SGA Website)

Katherine Carter

Katherine Carter with pink hair and a baseball cap.
Senator Katherine Carter. (SGA Twitter)

Jimmy Renton

Senator Jimmy Renton (Provided)


Members who voted against Goodwin’s impeachment (10):

Trevor Abraham

Senator Trevor Abraham. (SGA Twitter)

Issac Turner

Senator Issac Turner. (SGA Twitter)

Natalie Goodwin 

Senator Natalie Goodwin (SGA Twitter)

Jacob Barth: Found social media account but unable to verify who they are in the photo.

Adam Uhlenbrock

Senator Adam Uhlenbrock (middle). (SGA Twitter)

Jackson Coates 

Senator Jackson Coates (SGA Twitter)

Jacob Weis

Jacob Weis wearing a yellow NKY athletic uniform
Senator Jacob Weis. (SGA Twitter)

Xavier Sullivan

Senator Xavier Sullivan. (SGA Twitter)

Mia Potter

Senator Mia Potter (SGA Twitter)


Trevor Hewin: unable to find a verified social media account.

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