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What you missed at SGA: upcoming Victor Talks, Gen. Ed focus group

October 19, 2020

SGA discussed the upcoming Victor Talks about electoral literacy at the meeting this afternoon. Dr. Emily Detmer-Goebel, interim faculty director of general education, also visited the meeting to discuss student input on general education requirements and programs.

Victor Talks

The first Victor Talk of the semester will be held virtually tomorrow. The talk, organized by SGA Academic Excellence Chairwoman Hannah Miller, is about electoral literacy. 

“This is a big election and coming into the election as prepared as possible will make you the most informed voter,” Miller said. 

The event will cover political topics such as the electoral college, presidential debates and voting behavior. 

Kentucky State Senator Wil Schroeder will give an introduction, and NKU faculty members Dr. Eric Jackson, Dr. Steven Weiss and Dr. Shauna Riley will be featured speakers. 

Miller said she hopes to have 40 people in attendance at the event, and the virtual seminar is available to everyone inside and outside the NKU community. 

The Victor Talks will be held at 6 p.m. tomorrow. Attendees can visit here to attend. 

Feedback requested for general education programs

Dr. Emily Detmer-Goebel visited the meeting today to request a group of SGA members to deliver feedback on student awareness of general education requirements and program proposals.

“I want to work on a FAQ for students about the Gen. Ed. program,” Detmer-Goebel said. “Sometimes students are like, ‘What is Gen. Ed.? Why do I have to take Gen. Ed.?’”

According to Detmer-Goebel, she has seen a similar format on other universities’ websites and she thinks that this would help students be more informed on the necessity of the program. 

Once Detmer-Goebel has a draft of the FAQ, she intends to send it to a selected number of SGA members who will give feedback on the questions. 

“What is helpful? What is missing? What is needing to be tweaked a little bit so that it’s clear?” Detmer-Goebel said. 

Detmer-Goebel is also requesting SGA input on the proposals of new “innovative programs” at NKU. Program proposals are currently in the process of being submitted to the administration, and SGA members will be asked to submit feedback about those proposals in March 2021. 

Each task would require attendance of a few meetings, Detmer-Goebel said. 

SGA members were encouraged to reach out to Detmer-Goebel now to take part in this opportunity.

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