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Students, professor discuss upcoming election, voter registration

September 21, 2020


Noelle Horn

Election Day is November 3.

The 2020 General Election is quickly approaching, and time to register to vote is running out. How do NKU students and staff feel about voting, and do they think it makes much of a difference?

Sophomore Lauren Pennell is registered to vote and plans on voting in the upcoming election.

“I think voting is important and helps create many changes, but I also feel like the voting system is configured in a way that can easily overthrow the vote of the citizens depending on who and the number of one party that is in office at any given time,” Pennell said.

Pennell said that there is more focus on the presidential election rather than state and county elections, which is something that needs to change.

“I think we need to raise awareness about smaller county and state elections to determine our representation,” she said.

This is the first year that freshman Brandon Hearne will be able to vote, and he is very excited about participating in the election. According to Hearne, he plans on voting although he keeps forgetting to register. 

“Whoever we vote for helps determine our future and you shouldn’t let anyone else influence your opinion,” he said.

Dr. Michael Baranowski, political science professor, said the importance of voting depends on the state you live in.

“For people who live in Kentucky, the result of the presidential election in Kentucky is pretty much foreordained meaning that there is essentially no way that Donald Trump is going to lose Kentucky and no way that Joe Biden is going to win Kentucky,” he said.

Dr. Baranowski added that in presidential elections, it is harder to argue that one person or a group of people are going to make much of a difference. But with other races such as state and county elections, voting can make a lot of a difference due to the political system not being swayed one way or another—that then makes the outcomes often closer.

Baranowski said that he feels as if younger generations are more interested in voting in this upcoming election, but don’t do enough to show their interest.

“Generally speaking, younger generations are not as involved and don’t go out to vote, so my census is that the numbers [of younger generation voters] aren’t going to be as high as older generation voters,” he said.

Dr. Baranowski encouraged first-time voters to cast an informed vote and take the time to research what you are voting for or against.

Voting Information


Register to vote in Kentucky by Oct. 5 at 4:00 p.m.

To request an absentee ballot in Kentucky, click here. Mail-in ballots must be requested before 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 9. 

Early in-person voting for Kentucky begins Oct. 13. 


Register to vote in Ohio on or by Oct. 5. 

To request an absentee ballot in Ohio, click here. Mail-in ballots must be requested before or on Oct. 31. 

Early in-person voting for Ohio begins Oct. 6.


Register to vote in Indiana on or by Oct. 5

To request an absentee ballot in Indiana, click here. Mail-in ballots must be requested before 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 22

Early in-person voting for Indiana begins Oct. 6

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