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Applications for pass/fail grading now open

Students should submit an email to the registrar

April 14, 2020

NKU’s pass/fail grading option is now available to students. Students who wish to apply can send an email to NKU’s Office of the Registrar. The option will remain available until May 1, the last day of classes before finals week begins.

To switch to pass/fail grading, an email should be sent from students’ NKU email accounts to The email should include the student’s name, student ID number and a list of courses with section numbers that should be moved to pass/fail grading.

For pass/fail grading, a grade of D (for undergraduate students) or C (for graduate students) automatically counts as a Pass (P) grade. A ‘Pass’ grade in a class from spring 2020 will not affect a student’s GPA and satisfies all course and program prerequisites that require a letter grade.

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As previously reported, NKU’s new pass/fail policy change is only for the spring 2020 semester and will not apply to summer 2020. There is no limit to the number of courses a student may convert to pass/fail grading.

Faculty will be notified of the students in their section who have switched to pass/fail grading. At the end of the term, faculty will enter in a letter grade and the registrar will automatically change the grade to a P. Students can change back from pass/fail to a letter grade if they are happy with the grade they would’ve received under the normal grading system. 

Students should still speak with their advisor prior to requesting a pass/fail option—especially in cases where a P grade may not qualify as an entrance requirement to a graduate program, or where graduation may require students to have a higher GPA.

Students on academic warning or probation will be held harmless for the current semester, and will have another semester to improve their academic standing.

An incomplete (I) grade may be assigned on student’s request, when a student is unable to complete all work in time and there is a reasonable possibility that a passing grade will result from completion of the work. The student and faculty member will mutually set a deadline for completion of the work, and the faculty member will file a grade change when the work is completed. If the work is not completed by the end of the Spring 2021 semester, the student will receive an automatic F. However, the Dean of the respective college may grant a semester extension of one I grade due to unforeseen circumstances.


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