The SU Starbucks will close for renovations in May and reopen in August. (Sam Rosenstiel)
The SU Starbucks will close for renovations in May and reopen in August.

Sam Rosenstiel

SU Starbucks to close for renovations in May

March 20, 2018

Pandemonium in the Student Union? Everyone’s favorite campus coffee spot will shut down for renovations after spring graduation.

Starbucks Coffee in the SU will close for a university-funded $750,000 renovation to refurbish counters, flooring and equipment.

“The restaurant will be gutted and rebuilt to store standards,” said Andy Meeks, director of Business Operations and Auxiliary Services. “The current restaurant has been in operation for ten years now and as prescribed by the Starbucks Corporation, due for renovation.”

The shop will close after spring graduation in May and reopen in time for classes on Aug. 20.

Meeks said the renovation project is two years in the making.

“Food and beverage operations retains a portion of its proceeds each year it becomes part of the funds balance,” Meeks said.

The effect this will take on students’ caffeine intake could be big, as many said they depend on Starbucks Coffee to get them going during the day.  

“I know I always come up here before class in the mornings,” Tate Coleman, sophomore, said. “I’m definitely not the only one that will be affected by this. That sucks.”

Students who still come to campus to use the gym, take summer classes, and work with campus organizations over the summer also said they would miss their favorite morning drinks.

“I come up here just about every other day in the summer to go to the gym,” AJ Collins, senior, said. “Usually I come up in the morning and then head to Starbucks after, so it’ll definitely mess with me that I won’t be able to go there anymore for a while.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to go three months without coming here,” Collins said. “Obviously I know there are other Starbucks around, but there’s just something about this one.  

“I think I’ll be okay. I’m actually excited to see how the new one turns out.”

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