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Suspects at large after robbery near University Suites

February 12, 2018


Provided by NKU Police

Jacob Michael Toadvine (left) and an unknown man (right) are suspects in an alleged robbery in Lot U.

Two suspects are at large after a robbery in Lot U near University Suites. 

University Police say a victim reported being threatened by an unseen weapon after the suspects gave them fake cash for two pairs of shoes.

In a campus-wide timely warning email, University Police identified one of the suspects as Jacob Michael Toadvine. The identity of the second suspect is unknown.

A victim said he arranged to sell two pairs of shoes to Toadvine and the unknown suspect. After the victim refused to get in the suspects’ car, Toadvine gave him an envelope filled with fake cash.

“The victim states the second suspect then lifted his shirt and motioned towards his waistband implying that he was armed – though no weapon was shown,” according to the timely warning.

The suspects drove away in a black Chevrolet Blazer.

Toadvine is described as 6’3”, 180 pounds, 21 years old. The unknown suspect is described as 6’3”, 200 pounds.

Anyone with information on the incident or the suspects is encouraged to call University Police at 859-572-5500.

University Police offered these tips on how to stay safe during a robbery:

While nothing is failsafe, here are some suggestions everyone may want to consider(Note: the following information is general in nature and does not relate to any specific incident):

  •         If confronted by a robber, remain calm, and comply with demands to surrender property; this will most likely allow you to avoid physical injury.
  •         Consider making in-person transactions arranged online at or near police stations or other safe locations.
  •         Whenever possible, travel during daylight hours and in groups of two or more; when traveling at night, do so in well-lighted areas and in groups.
  •         Maintain constant vigilance of your environment and surroundings.
  •         Avoid publicly displaying large sums of cash or other valuables.
  •         Avoid being in areas that are sparsely populated and not well-lighted.
  •         Avoid referencing wealth or valuables on social media sites.
  •         Avoid being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other substances impairing senses and cognitive functions.
  •         Keep a record of your credit card account numbers and related phone numbers in a safe place; if stolen, immediately cancel your credit cards.
  •         When safe to do so, report the robbery to University Police, by phoning 859-572-5500 or 911; if it occurred off campus, report it to local police, by phoning 911; while on the phone, remain calm; answer all questions and provide as much descriptive information as possible; inform police personnel if you can positively identify the suspect and any weapon or motor vehicle used in the crime.
  •         Trust your instincts; if any situation makes you uncomfortable, immediately notify University Police; if off campus, immediately notify local police by phoning 911.
  •         If you feel uneasy walking to or from locations on campus, consider using the police department’s safety escort program.  An officer can be dispatched to your location and accompany you to your destination.

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