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ISU hosts digital “Netflix and Chill” watch party

NKU’s International Student Union promotes social connection amidst isolation

March 20, 2020


Noël Waltz

Illustration of the coronavirus.

After being told to socially isolate, many people’s first thought is booting up Netflix. But NKU’s International Student Union doesn’t want to lose community connection for those who may be suffering from the lack of social connection in quarantine. Thankfully, the browser Google Chrome has a Netflix Party extension that allows multiple people to watch Netflix together and chat, all from the comfort of their own homes. 

The president of ISU, senior finance and accounting major Adja Ndoye, got the idea after coming across an article about Netflix Party. Ndoye tried out the extension for herself, then messaged her executive board about setting up a watch party for ISU students to interact with each other. 

“We’re all thinking about having a series of online events,” Ndoye said. “This would probably be the first plan for that and maybe after that there’d be some type of online gaming competitions, etc. just to maybe create a certain sense of social interactions.”

Ndoye and ISU’s executive board are planning a movie menu—a list of movies they’re going to be showing—for every other night beginning Friday, March 20. Ndoye said the plan is currently five movies every week starting at 9 p.m. EST. Those already on ISU’s email list will be sent a link to join, but the Netflix and Chill event is open to any NKU student. Ndoye said it’s best to send a DM to their Instagram page, @nkuisu, to request the link. 

Other events ISU had planned for the semester have been canceled, including roller skating, the annual international dinner and talent show and more.  

“That was very disappointing, but obviously the most important thing is to make sure everyone is safe, and we all do understand that,” Ndoye said. “But at the same time, international students are having a harder time than local students.”

Ndoye said that more local students are able to go home while international students either have to stay on campus or find a welcoming host. ISU’s Netflix and Chill event was created to help these students still feel connected to each other at this time, but Ndoye suggested other ways of supporting international students by giving nonperishable goods and offering transportation when needed.


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