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WHAT TO DO: study abroad; clown around.

January 31, 2018

The Syrian Shrine Circus hits BB&T Arena this weekend.

Provided by Syrian Shrin Circus.

The Syrian Shrine Circus hits BB&T Arena this weekend.

Thursday 2/1 Spring Study Abroad Fair

Bitten by the wanderlust bug? Itching for a reprieve from midwestern culture? Looking to broaden your experiential palate? Consider studying abroad! Drop by the Student Union’s second floor lobby to learn more about the many opportunities on campus that let students travel to other countries.

Friday 2/2 – 2/4 97th Annual Syrian Shrine Circus

Coulrophobes: steer clear of BB&T Arena this weekend. Clown lovers: you’re in for a treat. The Circus is in town, alongside its three rings of aerial stunts, exotic animals and acrobatics. Bask in the excitement and the smell of popcorn—indulge your sense of childlike wonder!

Saturday 2/3  Merritt Johnson’s Exorcizing America Initiative Screening

Unhappy with our current socio-political state of affairs? Drive out America’s inner demons through an exorcism guided by performance artist Merritt Johnson through a series of sequential exercises. Cleanse your soul and get in touch with the artistry that lies dormant within you—exorcise as your exercise. This event and movie screening is hosted by the Wave Pool Gallery in Camp Washington, Ohio.

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