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Emerson Swoger

“The Yard” Christian Schmit

Visual arts faculty dazzle with annual exhibition

January 24, 2019

The Full and Part-Time Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition returns for one month this winter. From Jan. 18 to Feb. 22 you can experience the exhibit with work by faculty members like Brian Harmon, who uses fuse beads to depict a stunning display of historic art pieces in an 8-bit pixel style from retro video games. Rene Margritte’s “The Son of Man” and Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” are examples of these art pieces that evoke a feeling of watching history through your eyes in a different perspective.

Another great piece is “Cubed Water” by Nicholas Bonner. Using low fire clay and glaze for all pieces, “Cubed Water” achieves a smooth look through having a stone cube with the low fire aqua clay on the top that has been melted to resemble water oozing down the cube. Other art pieces by Bonner include the “Swirl” and “Eddy” which are also pieces based off of “Cubed Water”, with the exception of them being plates.

“Some days there are no fish, only water and sky. But, at some level, all that matters is that you are here.” That’s how Chris Smith describes his painting “Bonefish County,” a scene full of vibrant, bright colors that pop out through the first-person view of a boat looking out towards the bright blue sea. The clouds in the painting are very realistic and gives off the feeling that viewers are really there taking in the breathtaking sky and ocean before that Smith intended the viewer to discover.

“The Yard” by Christian Smith is made out of cardboard and paper which has a near-perfect replica of a film studio yard; from spotlights and sets, from movies to cameras and directors seats ready to film the next big hit. It’s style is fantastic for the way it is used with just cardboard and paper showing how some props are made with the same material. Having a sense of refinement when seeing The Yard brings about interest to the masses.

There will be short artist talks every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:50 a.m. on Jan. 17, 19, 24, 26, 31 and Feb. 2. Come to hear more about all the faculty artworks on display. The main gallery is located on the third floor of the Fine Arts Center.

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