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Ysabel Cordova-Elias

Exhibition leads a path of education and awareness as students visually represent issues in the community through art

The Juried Student Exhibition featured charcoal on raw canvas depicting an all seeing figure during the isolation of covid, a culmination of pieces emulating an artist’s reality with ADHD, and the uncomfortable nature of discrimination shown through an oil painting. 

When this exhibition rolls around every spring, it is a battle between Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Communication Design students at Northern Kentucky University to be chosen as featured artists in the gallery. Applications are open to all students in these majors and the exhibition gives them experience and a chance to have their name out on campus. 

Artists were able to submit 5 of their best pieces to the juror to critique in order to showcase work in the exhibition. 

Many of the 31 chosen artists took this as an opportunity to provide the audience with a deeper understanding of the world and people around them. 

Merit award winning artist of the exhibition, Hannah Wentzel, said, “I feel that art allows a certain mentally engaging task that other aspects of our lives cannot reciprocate. We look at art and create a picture, a story, a memory. Some may have an emotional response. Art forces us to look at the world through a miniature window. At all times we are manipulating our environments to fit our personal stylistic values. Looking at the world through our miniature window means something different for each and every individual, but it has one common ideal. We can appreciate the creation of life more because of art.” 

While the exhibition may have lasted up until April 1st, the artists made sure to contribute to thought provoking work in the community.

Artists shed light on topics of discussion such as ADHD, isolation due to covid, diversity, personal experiences, and inclusivity. 

Drawing BFA major, Bridgett Hancock noted, “I feel that art is a visual to problems/topics that the general audience may not be acquainted with yet. It can serve as the beginning of a conversation or something the viewer takes home in their mind to think about.” 

Along with the important messages that can be conveyed to the audience through visual representation, the exhibition served as an introduction to a future at NKU or beyond. For many of the students a part of the exhibition, they have a better idea of what is expected when it comes to the exhibition process and how they can better prepare for tougher situations in their competitive field. 

“I think that in the future, I’ll be ready for more challenging aspects in the exhibition world, because I was able to have this opportunity,” said freshman Hannah Wentzel. 

Haylee Vallandingham: Called Mirrored (hand & mirror), Zoned Out (side profile), and Fake Smile (portrait)
Hannah Wentzel – Dreaming, Depleted, and Disengaged
Chloe Wenger – R. Sho. P and Anticipation
Sydney Bryan – Oracle
Bridgett Hancock – Overdramatic

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