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SOTA hosts Costume Extravaganza Sale

October 26, 2021

Tuesday afternoon, NKU’s SOTA hosted their Costume Sale Extravaganza, where items from the costume shop were sold to help raise money for Norse Offstage, a student organization that sets out to provide quality and affordable dinner theatre. This event will also occur Wednesday, Oct. 27 from 11 a.m-4 p.m.

Items from the sale include shoes, clothes and wigs that are all priced approximately between one and three dollars. 

This is the second costume shop sale SOTA has hosted; the last one happened four years ago prior to the current costume shop manager coming to NKU, Cat Schmeal-Swope.

Haley Beggs, senior literature and acting double major and helper in the costume shop, is excited to help raise money for Norse Offstage and help clean out the costume shop for a good cause. 

“We have a huge costume stock to stock all of our shows that we put on every year. We needed to clear and clean out the costume shop and we needed to do it for a good reason, so we are donating all the money to Norse Offstage and hoping to get students Halloween costumes,” Beggs said. 

Beggs also mentioned specific items that students can come and purchase while attending the Costume Extravaganza Sale.

“We have jeans, we have a lot of things that could last a while. We have high quality products that we are just trying to give to help people. People can supply themselves with work clothes, day to day clothes, halloween costumes and even formal wear,” Beggs said. 

Beggs hopes that above all, students are able to come and pick out affordable clothing.

“We are hoping students can find cheap clothing. This is cheaper than a thrift store, cheaper than any store you can go to. Almost everything is priced at approximately one to three dollars and really we are willing to bargain on anything. We would both like it out of our stock and help students out to find Halloween costumes, which are outrageously expensive,” Beggs said.

Other students like Gabriela B. Paul, senior acting major, are happy that the costume department can get more recognition on campus. 

“I feel like the costume shop is a hidden gem of the department and while people enjoy the shows and see the costumes, this will give this department specifically a little bit of attention. Not like we don’t get enough, but I feel like it helps the people that are creating share experiences with everybody at the university really,” Paul said. 

Paul also mentioned how she believes that getting to purchase some of these costumes is special, due to the fact that many costume pieces were used in a show. 

“You get to take a little magic with you home. A lot of people are gathering different aspects of things we do and collecting different things we have put forward and worked for,” Paul added. 

Brayden Glass, junior BFA hair and makeup design major, is happy to get in the spirit of Halloween and share that passion with other students at the Costume Extravaganza Sale. 

“So personally as a hair and makeup major I love Halloween, it is like my bread and butter. Helping people decide what they want to be for Halloween is something that I love to do, so this is really fun,” Glass said. 

Glass hopes that this sale can be a good way to get students to come see some of the shows that SOTA produces. 

“We do a bunch of shows because I feel like sometimes participation can be bad on that, so I hope that this will get them more engaged and get them to see the shows, even our Norse Offstage which is big because our technicians need a lot of love and help,” Glass said. 

A list of the events hosted by SOTA can be found here.

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