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NKU Greek Life chapters conclude recruitment week with Bid Day

New members began their Greek Life experience at NKU

September 12, 2021

On Sunday, Northern Kentucky University held their annual Bid Day, the last day of recruitment for Greek chapters on campus. 

On bid day, those recruited get to open their bids and then run home to their new chapter which starts off their Greek life experience at NKU. 

New members also get to go to their assigned party room and meet people in their chapter while enjoying food, photo booths and time to relax after a long week of recruitment. For many, bid day is a tradition that many look forward to going to every year. 

During bid day this year, an emphasis was made for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Masks were required indoors as well as outdoor locations with strict cleaning procedures for added safety. 

Reese Watson, a second-year finance major, is happy to be rushing so she can have a way to make more friends, being that many of her high school friends went to other universities, and she chose to stay close by from where she lives in Hebron, Kentucky. 

“A lot of my friends went to different schools, so I knew it would be easy for me to just go to school and come home. I got to know some sororities though by going to their booths at Fresh Fusion and orientation,” Watson said.  

Watson mentioned what going through the process of recruitment was like and how exciting it was to learn more about what being in Greek life is about. 

“It’s just really interesting to see how going into a group of girls makes you feel. I haven’t had bad feelings about any of them. It is just so different. It just really is, and it sounds so corny, but you do really feel like you are finding a sisterhood and a home,” Watson said. 

Watson also mentioned what Greek life meant to her.

“Joining a sorority to me is a way to find friendships, but after going through recruitment, I learned that it really is a way to give back to the community,” Watson said. “It’s a good way to make friends and do good things.” 

Jessica Archer, Panhellenic President and senior integrative studies major, is grateful and excited to be able to attend her last bid day as a student. Although this bid day looked different from previous ones due to COVID-19, Archer hopes that everyone gets to make this experience just as memorable. 

“Traditional experiences, we did a ton in-person. We got to mingle, there were no masks and pictures were taken all of the time, but if that is not the new normal we need to adapt to make it a worthwhile experience for people going through recruitment,” Archer said. 

Archer is most looking forward to seeing how Greek life can positively impact those involved the way she was impacted when she rushed. 

“I am so excited that I get the opportunity to watch 180 sorority new members find their homes the way that I got to find mine,” Archer said. “I get to see 180 people who are absolutely changed by their chapters.”

Archer also added that although being affiliated with Greek life really affected her college experience, she believes that you don’t have to be in Greek life to find your home at NKU. 

“You don’t have to join a Greek chapter to find a home at NKU because getting involved was what made NKU feel like home to me. It started with Center Stage Players, a theatre organization that boosted my confidence to go tackle bigger fish,” Archer said. 


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