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SU Starbucks reopens, take a look at new renovations

August 16, 2018


Josh Kelly

The newly-renovated Starbucks in the Student Union is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays through the semester.

This is not a drill: the Student Union Starbucks is finally open, just in time for students and faculty to get the pick-me-up they need before classes resume.

One of the major changes is the switch in location between where you order and pick up your drinks. There is also less retail space. Manager Brittany Doherty said the new register layout allows workers to be “more connecting with the customers.”

The renovation brought a new layout for the lounging areas. Doherty said there is now less seating, yet the coffee shop has a more “aerodynamic and a modern style.”

The menu also gained some new tastes that will staying for a while: Ultra Caramel, Triple Mocha and Serious Strawberry frappuccinos and a new Mango Dragonfruit refresher drink. Hot sandwiches, warm pastries, nitro cold brew, protein-blended coffee and ready-to-eat snacks are also new.

The shop had a constant flow of customers coming and going, and Doherty is very excited to see how the semester goes while workers get used to the new area. Even NKU’s new president Ashish Vaidya stopped by to enjoy a cold drink while walking through the Student Union.

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