Now a ‘why not’ person

As the time on the clock runs down, the end of the semester grows near. Throughout my time with Northern Kentucky University I have gained a wealth of experiences. The greatest reward has been meeting and talking with the students of Northern Kentucky University about their passions, projects and activities they have been involved with.

As the Arts and Entertainment editor for The Northerner, I have tried to represent the voices of students and educate the public about campus activities including student art openings, theater performances and film events.

For future writers, artists, editors and students who want to get involved in campus life, I would highly recommend getting involved and becoming a member of The Northerner team. As an organization that is built on freedom of speech, I feel honored to have been involved with them.

As I get ready to graduate, I know that I have gained invaluable experiences that will be helpful as I navigate the job market. Writing for The Northerner has helped confirm that writing is where my future is. As words of advice to those of us graduating and those that will graduate soon, if you want something bad enough, make it happen. Don’t be a “why” person, but instead, be a “why not” person!

Editorial by Shawn Buckenmeyer