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Editorial displays dominant ideology, myths

Sharon Stevens-Hearing
March 22, 2005
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Dear Editor, Steve Funaro's March 2 article in The Northerner is to be commended as a classic standard for U.S. dominant ideology supporting the class system and justifying inequality. Its ubiquitous myths and lack of facts demand debunking. It's almost scary that the author is a senior and has learned ...

Powell suspended from dormitories

Josh Blair
March 22, 2005
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Michael Powell, the Northern Kentucky University student charged with rape Feb. 24, has been denied permission to live on campus by the Dean of Students' office. Powell received a letter from the Dean of Students' office that put him on an interim suspension from university housing. This came after a C...

Stop crimes on the field

November 30, 2004
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By now, everybody in the country has to be aware of the one dark cloud that has been hanging over the sporting world in the last few weeks. Few people have not witnessed the fights that occurred either in the Indiana-Detroit NBA game or the Clemson-South Carolina college football game. Fingers are being...

Music piracy rampant on campus

Stuart MacKenzie and CJ Fryer
November 9, 2004
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Students at Northern Kentucky University will want to think twice before exchanging or downloading copyrighted music over the Internet. The Office of Information Technology (IT) sent out an e-mail to all students Nov. 4, warning them that anyone participating in file-sharing would be subject to univer...

Tires can be found for less

Josh Blair
October 12, 2004
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Too often people tell me about outrageous prices they've paid for tires. It amazes me how little they know about purchasing tires from places other than dealerships or big name tire retailers. Although tires can be costly, there are a number of ways to save money on them. It's a good idea to get a sec...

Money Management 101

Jennifer Grammer
March 2, 2004
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Mike BrennanMike BrennanTax season is upon us, and many students are wondering where their hard-earned money has gone. Students should know how to balance a budget, start a savings plan and understand the tax process. The Budget People lead different lifestyles, and personalized budget plans help al...

Student conduct is state issue

Allison Peryea KRT Campus
March 2, 2004
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By Allison Peryea The Seattle Times (KRT) While student leaders and administrators at the University of Washington are sometimes at odds, they can agree on one thing: Student conduct codes should not extend beyond campus boundaries. Lobbyists for both the Husky student body and the institution are ...

Fraternity events under investigation

Amanda Van Benschoten
September 30, 2003
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Tony RedellThe Student Life Office and Interfraternal Council (IFC) have begun a formal investigation into recent Tau Kappa Epsilon and Phi Kappa Tau fraternity recruitment activities that upset some students, who accused the fraternities of sponsoring activities that degraded and objectified women....


Elias Hajjar
September 9, 2003
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This week, Elias chats with Cross-Country runner, Greaham Niemer EH: You took second-place in the eight-kilometer race at the Chris Jones Memorial Invitational Saturday in Louisville. Why not first? GN: To be honest with you, I was surprised to even finish in second place. I really didn't know that...

Colleges wary of policing intellectual property

Knight Ridder Newspapers
March 3, 2003
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SAN JOSE, Calif.-The nation's colleges have quietly succumbed to pressure from the entertainment industry to crack down on student use of file-sharing networks to trade music and movies. But many educators are ambivalent about being forced into the role of intellectual-property police. They worry tha...

Ohio State routs Texas Tech with freshman leading charge

Marla Ridenour , Knight Ridder Newspapers and Marla Ridenour , Knight Ridder Newspapers
August 26, 2002
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COLUMBUS, Ohio _ On Tuesday, Ohio State seemed like a team in disarray. On Saturday, it looked like a juggernaut. After a tumultuous week filled with suspensions, an arrest and a starter quitting the team, the 12th-ranked Buckeyes performed almost flawlessly in their season opener in the Pigskin Clas...

Plagiarism:”American as dutch apple pie”

March 19, 2002
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I am writing in response to the Northerner article concerning new attempts to punish Plagiarism. I feel that this is totally unnecessary, and further, Plagiarism has been given a very bad rep. Plagiarism is a right of passage for young Americans in this country. Everything in our culture, from our la...

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