Tuition uncertain

‘ President James Votruba attended the April 19 SGA meeting to help present Northern Kentucky University’s proposed tuition increases for next year.

‘ The presentation gave a range for the increase since the Council of Post Secondary Education has not set a tuition ceiling nor has the state approved a budget.
Students should expect the cost of in-state tuition to rise by 4 to 7 percent next year or roughly $144 to $240. Students who attend NKU under the metro rate can expect the same $144 to $240 dollar hike. Students attending under the Indiana Reciprocity Agreement should expect tuition to increase about $156 to $268. The most significant cost increase will be felt by students paying non-resident tuition with an increase of $504 to $694. All tution increases are for full-time students attending NKU for 12 to 16 hours per semester.
The proposal also eliminates the discount students currently receive for credit hours of 17 or more.
Even though there has been no Board of Regents decision on a per credit hour system, Votruba said he would like to see the university ‘over the next several years to start adding in the middle,’ and become a true per credit hour system.

Story by Vern Hockneyl