Paper acted wrongly on rape

I just wanted to drop a quick line about the top story in the March 26 issue of The Northerner (Student reports kidnapping, rape). I have been a part of Northern Kentucky University for six years, four as a student and two as a staff member. I love this university and for the most part I’ve enjoyed watching The Northerner grow and change over the years.

I worked for one year in the television industry and in that time I have never been as appalled as when I read this week’s top story. I would like to know who was in the position of power and had editorial control over what was printed in that story? I think the campus community as a whole and the student who was victimized by this crime deserve an answer as to why NKU’s student published newspaper chose to run the two suspects’ “quotes” that were contained in the incident report. Of all the information that would be beneficial to include in this story to help track these two criminals down, I don’t believe that such a statement has any benefit whatsoever.

In fact, the only purpose printing such a statement serves is “shock value” to incite conversations throughout the campus community. If this was the goal behind what was printed in this article I hope the Northerner staff is satisfied that not only was I appalled as a reader but the young victim of this crime will have a written record of an aspect of the crime that I am sure she would like to forget and block out.

The choice to run these statements was a wrong one. To be honest, I hope close friends of this young woman refuse to even pick up a Northerner now and I can assure you taking time out to read it will no longer be a part of my weekly routine.

Steve Slone Specialist Mail/Distribution Services