Through the Looking Glass

Pictures? What pictures, honey? A Texas man secretly videotaped his girlfriend’s 47-year-old mother as she got in and out of the shower, because he was curious as to what she looked like naked. He stored the naughty pictures on his e-mail account and got caught when the girlfriend went through his e-mail. She printed them out and showed them to her mother. Then they confronted him.

Hey, has anyone seen Wladislaw? A woman in Scinawa, Poland, became so frustrated that her 75-year-old husband kept coming home drunk that she chained him in a doghouse for three weeks. He was finally rescued by his drinking buddies who hadn’t seen him in the local bar and wondered where he was.

Well, it was like this…oops…snap…aieeee! When his pals in a pub in Ipswich, England, heard that a man had caught his genitals in a mousetrap when he was a boy, they urged him to show them how it happened. He was so drunk that he agreed. He exposed himself and walked toward a pool table with a mousetrap set up on it, but he tripped and got his manhood snapped again.

For a good time, call…When his girlfriend dumped him, a jilted man in Marburg, Germany, got his revenge by posting a video of her in the nude along with her name, address and phone number.

This does not look good.Firefighters in Shimohetsugi, Japan, had a cookout at their fire station as part of a fire awareness promotion. The station burned to the ground.

Quiet, industrious, a real hard worker. A stage hand at a theater in Antwerp, Belgium, received annual Christmas cards from his employers commending him for his “good work over the past year.” Problem is, he hadn’t shown up for work in five years, having quit in a dispute with his boss. In addition to the Christmas cards, he has also been receiving his salary. This has been stopped. Indecisive? Me? Why do you say that? In 2001, a British convict, serving a life sentence for attempted murder and kidnapping, had a sex change operation and was transferred to a women’s prison. However, he has now asked to be changed back into a man and to be sent to a men’s prison.

It will be sooo romantic.When two ex-lovers decided to get together for a weekend at a Montreal hotel, the man apparently wasn’t aware that his former girlfriend had taken their break-up pretty badly. She slipped some pills into his drink to knock him out so, police say, she could slash his throat while he slept. But the man sensed he was being drugged, so he fled the room. The desk clerk called the cops.

A ‘Hunka, hunka’ burning lov…Ouch! Ow! No! A woman in Northam, Australia, enraged that her boyfriend kept playing Elvis Presley’s “Burning Love” over and over, took a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the back, shoulder and thigh.