Next SGA president should speak for all students

Dear Editor,

We, the students, need to look out for ourselves. Which one of these platforms is for the whole student body?

The Fegan-Pollitt ticket represents all students.They went to Frankfort to rally with me against tuition hikes at the Capitol with all the other Ky. universities. I didn’t see Andy Hixson there.

Fegan-Pollitt cares about what the students at NKU think. I’m a non-traditional student raising a family at home, working, and going to school full-time. I cannot afford ridiculous tuition hikes. Fegan-Pollitt has consistently fought against tuition increases, while members of Hixson’s camp actually voted in favor of an $800 increase.

We need someone to speak for all, not the absentee leadership of Andy Hixson.

Jennifer Wallace Freshman, nursing