Student examines drinking

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking since coming to Rutgers, and I’ve really been focusing on the issue of alcohol. Quite frankly, I can never see why so many first-year students and other college students drink. I can never understand exactly why so many people think it is so “fun.”

I’ve already had one experience when I drank too much, and all I can recall is the world spinning around me and a constant feeling that I needed to throw up.

I originally went out that night to get drunk and see how much “fun” getting drunk really was. Is that really what “fun” is supposed to be?

I think of how many students have already been sent to the hospital and wonder why they drank the huge amount that would cause that to happen. I distinctly remember the night a girl on my own floor was sent to the hospital. You can ask her if the trip was “fun.” You can ask her if it was worth it.

Apparently it was, because she is still heading off to parties twice a week. It makes you wonder why people still drink after seeing such incidents occur.

Is it peer pressure? Do kids like to get drunk to feel better about themselves?

I know a girl that has a boyfriend and still flirts with every guy she meets at parties. Does her boyfriend know? Of course not. Is this girl just looking for attention? Does she have a low self-esteem and thus need the constant attention?

It goes to show people drink no matter what the consequences are. How is it worth it? I know a person who is taking medication and still drinks. The person tells me not to worry and that the only major side effect is lapsing into a coma. Let me tell you, that really stopped me from worrying. Why does she continue to party? My guess is she started partying out of peer pressure and is now becoming an alcoholic. Could it be true? Most students think they are invincible and could never become addicted to alcohol. There are more alcohol-related deaths in the world than terrorist-related deaths, although it seems the mass media pays more attention to that.

You are probably wondering if I am some sort of anti-drinker. Well, I’m not. I go to parties just as much as everyone else.

I’m just trying to figure out what good it is. Do I go to parties as often as I did before I started delving into this train of thought? No, I don’t. It may be surprising to you, but there are more kids not drinking in my building than those who do.

I’d rather focus on my work than drink to stupidity to “have fun.” So is it really worth it? Only you can tell for yourself.

As for me, it’s not.