WWII sim provides hours of fun

Battlefield 1942 sets the bar for future computer games. Developed by DICE, the game features 19 handheld weapons, 35 detailed vehicles, and 16 incredible maps from WWII.

In Battlefield 1942, you can play as a soldier for the Axis forces, Germany or Japan, or the Allied forces, United States, Great Britain, or Russia. When spawning as a member of either side, you have your choice of five character classes: scout, assault, anti-tank, medic, and engineer.

The most popular choice online, as well as my favorite, is the assault character, which is armed with a heavy-machine gun.

To be honest, the single player mode leaves you feeling a bit frustrated. It’s not that it’s bad, but it just doesn’t leave you with the same sense of fulfillment that the multi-player mode does. Also, the game tends to lag more in single player than online, which is unlike any other game I’ve played.

The best part of this game is easily the multi-player battles. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a 5 on 5 game against friends or a huge 64 player battle against people halfway across the world, this game is enthralling and addictive. Easily the best multiplayer game since Unreal Tournament, Battlefield 1942 offers hours and hours of fast paced, action packed excitement.

In the multi-player version, you can play three different game types: Conquest, Capture the Flag, and Team Death Match. Conquest is easily the best of the three, but the others provide plenty of entertainment as well.

Graphically speaking, this game is incredible. From the realistic trail of smoke emitting from a blown-up tank to the soft blue of the Pacific, the graphics are highly detailed and realistic.

Battlefield 1942 receives a final score of 9 out of 10. If the single player mode had been a little better, this game would have easily received a perfect score. While I eagerly await future games that will knock this game from its position, Battlefield 1942 is the king of multi-player battles right now.