Professor’s abilities, enthusiasm lauded

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to spread the word about an outstanding Professor at Northern Kentucky University. In my four years at the University, I have had by far, in my opinion, the greatest Professor out there. He is Mackenzie Osborne.

Dr. Osborne is a professor who teaches many courses in English and I’ve been lucky enough to have him a total of four times. He is energetic, creative, and when you are in his class, you can just tell he thoroughly enjoys his job. He teaches with enthusiasm and he takes an interest in his students. He opens his students hearts to the subject of literature because he teaches it with such energy. He even said to his students that he loves what he does and that is why he continues to be a professor.

I have been told that he is retiring in the near future, and I wanted to make sure before he left the university, that he was at least recognized. I hope by this article he realizes just how much of an impact he has had on at least one of his students.

Jennifer Wehmann Psychology