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Remember that creepy janitor?

Derick Bischoff

October 6, 2010

Dent Schoolhouse focuses on the strange disappearance of many of the school’s students between 1942 and 1952. The story goes that people began to detect a foul odor coming from the basement of the schoolhouse. The school janitor, known as Charlie, convinced them that the smell was only backed-up pipes...

Weekly Cartoon: Oct. 6

Brittany Granville

October 6, 2010

Welcome to Anatomy 101 Comic by Brittany Granville

Lt. Dan Choi on Love

Jesse Call

October 5, 2010

Check out this video clip from Lt. Dan Choi's presentation to NKU students on Oct. 4, 2010. Check out the article and video story on the remarks in Wednesday's edition of The Northerner and Lt. Dan Choi on Love Lt. Dan Choi, the West Point graduate and Iraqi War veteran, was honorably...

Weekly Cartoon: Sept. 29

Brittany Granville

September 29, 2010

It's not a cult... Comic by Brittany Granville

Raising awareness

Courtney Joyner

September 8, 2010

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) affects as many as 40,000 infants each year. September 9 is national FASD awareness day. This date is used to remind women not to drink during the nine months of pregnancy. The first FASD awareness day was held September 9, 1999, and since then has been held annually...

Disturbing trends in campus affairs

Aaron Sprinkles

April 20, 2010

The following is in response to the articles ‘AASA office looks to the future’ and ‘Impeachments become private’ in the April 14 issue of The Northerner, as well as in response to antecedent articles by the same: It is my purpose to address, in brief, some disturbing trends in campus affai...

I’m only worth $2.75

Vern Hockney

April 14, 2010

The evening began innocently enough. Sitting in The Northerner's office talking to the other editors, I decided that perhaps covering the Date Night auction hosted by the coed KKPsi band fraternity would be worthwhile. Little did I know that this event would draw me in past the point of no return i...

Everybody take a ride on the bus (Editorial)

Melissa McLeod

April 14, 2010

There are many modes of transportation available to students on Northern Kentucky University’s campus. Riding the TANK bus is one of the most convenient for many students. The bus is not only easy to ride but is also a way to relax, save a little cash and do your part to take care of our environment....

Nine years and still poignant

Jeremy Jackson

April 7, 2010

Wine, decadent food and titillating conversation are the subjects of Northern Kentucky University’s latest production: Omnium Gatherum. The play is a two-hour ride by way of running discourse—but more closely resembles acrimony—covering the breadth of our nation’s hot topics: U.S. enslavement...

Meal plan needs to change

Nicholas Jones

April 5, 2010

When I moved to NKU's campus my freshman year of college, I was excited to begin a new life away from home. I had never been away from home for more than two days without a parent, and I was excited to live on my own. Now that I'm in my fourth semester of living on campus, I am almost willing to do an...

Come on, just smile for me

Melissa McLeod

March 24, 2010

There is nothing more awkward than running into someone on campus that you have only met once or twice and expect to receive a cheerful greeting in passing, only to find them looking away once eye contact is made. Even worse, a good friend passes you by and is far more concerned about shuffling through...

Talking to the press

Staff editorial

March 23, 2010

Student Government Association elections are upon us.' With the elections come a chance for new student representatives to be elected to represent the student body. It's also a chance for new relationships to be built, especially with NKU's student media outlet, The Northerner. The past year for S...

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