The Northerner

Come on, just smile for me

Melissa McLeod

March 24, 2010

There is nothing more awkward than running into someone on campus that you have only met once or twice and expect to receive a cheerful greeting in passing, only to find them looking away once eye contact is made. Even worse, a good friend passes you by and is far more concerned about shuffling through...

Talking to the press

Staff editorial

March 23, 2010

Student Government Association elections are upon us.' With the elections come a chance for new student representatives to be elected to represent the student body. It's also a chance for new relationships to be built, especially with NKU's student media outlet, The Northerner. The past year for S...

Give the students an answer (Staff Editorial)

Staff Editorial

March 3, 2010

Ah! Northern Kentucky University: The market place of ideas. Disclaimer: However, if your ideas don’t align with the members of the university administration you could be removed from your position. Such is the case with the recent fi rings of Blanche Pringle-Smith and Michael Griffin, coordin...

What are you looking at?

M. Gordon Willis

February 23, 2010

A couple of months ago, while working on my family tree, I found out something cool: I have an African-American great-great-grandfather on my mother's side.' This' got me to thinking, what would it have been like to date someone of a different race at that time?' Interracial dating is something th...

A word from former faculty

Adalberto J. Pinelo

February 22, 2010

I am writing in reference to your excellent investigative report on the impeachment of former SGA Vice President Dennis Chaney. While Mr. Chaney is the subject of inquiry, what I found most revealing and shocking is the blatant, self-aggrandizing pronouncement of SGA President Keith Kaseke and his be...

Global warming heating up (Editorial)

M. Gordon Willis

February 17, 2010

Since it’s inception, there have been scientists that have been arguing that Global Warming isn’t true. As of the last few months it’s come under some serious opposition that actually might prove those scientists who disagree to be correct. There are students here such as Jared Burke, who sai...

Driving in the snow (Editorial)

Betina Kemker

February 10, 2010

Waiting until 9:30 to cancel classes is bullshit. It is unfair to the professors and students, not to mention all the students who did make it to class, despite the slick roads, nervous drivers and the snow piling up on the highway. At around 9:00, according to, there were 242 school and...

This week’s cover: Breaking apart NKU

The Northerner and The Northerner

December 8, 2009

What's cool ' Basketball The basketball programs at Northern Kentucky University are among the nation's elite in Division II competition, and the teams are led by coaches who carry on the tradition of winning. The NKU men's and women's basketball teams are continuing to grow as they attract players...

Get the heck outta here!

Tim Owens | Joe Castelli

December 8, 2009

Tim I swore I wouldn’t do this. I promised myself that I wouldn’t do what countless other parting Northerner staff members have done in the past. I wanted my goodbye to be unique. In short, I wanted to not focus it on The Northerner itself. But attempting to do so only left me with a blank ...

Freshman 15

M. Gordon Willis and M. Gordon Willis

December 7, 2009

Charlotte EthertonI am sure all of you have heard of the Freshman 15 - the dreaded 15 pounds you gain as a freshman, usually in the first semester, if not by the end of the year. Okay, so I am going to be straight forward with all of you. I would be kidding myself if I said that I was not a hefty guy. ...

The coolest of the cool

Heather Willoughby and Heather Willoughby

December 7, 2009

Nancy BholaThis time in the semester always gets me feeling quite nostalgic.' It brings to mind my favorite things about this university. So, without further ado, I bring you the coolest... Professor: While at Northern, I have had my fair share of doozies, but, for the most part, I have had a slew of ...

The attributes of a single parent

Brandon Hill and Brandon Hill

November 30, 2009

Joe Castelli/Web Editor-in-ChiefI find myself stifled by our perceptions of what constitutes gender-based roles of parenting. As a man, I am to be the macho breadwinner and inspire a multitude of characteristics that are supposedly male-oriented. Characteristics such as being physical, functional, sexual, e...

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